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Andy Eninger is a Speaker, Comedian and Learning Designer. He was the Head of the Writing Program for the famed comedy theater The Second City from 2011 to 2016. He helps individuals and organizations connect to their audience and each other through immersive, customized learning programs that combine storytelling, improv philosophy, rapid ideation and foundational communication skills.  In his creative work, he creates comedy with a mission of amplifying outsider voices and connecting people. 

Andy has worked with hundreds of organizations, including Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Leo Burnett, The History Channel, Cigna, State Farm, Visa, Verizon, Salesforce, SAP, Deloitte, Nike, GE, Walgreens, Merck, MetLife, Kellogg’s and many more.  His work takes him around the world to design and deliver learning programs in inclusion, collaborative leadership, executive presence, innovation and storytelling. He was the chief designer of curriculum for Nova Collective. For the Second City Works, he has spearheaded their learning programs in Storytelling, Selling Skills and Diversity & Inclusion and served on the design team for their work in Consumer Insights for brands. 

He continues to write, perform and direct, with a focus on queer comedy, satire and improvisation. Some of his favorite projects include: Ensemble member of Chicago’s GayCo Productions for 14 sketch comedy revues; Performing in the cast of Steamworks the Musical for the Annoyance Theater; Little House on the Parody as composer and director; Director and composer of Bandgeeks! A Halftime Musical; Creator of Sybil, a solo improvisational format; Pinque Pony, his two-man sketch group with husband John Loos; and Pony Boy, director and lyrics, for the Annoyance Theater. His play “The Last Castrato” has been produced at theaters in New York, Austin and Phoenix. 

Andy holds a BS in Mass Communications and an MA in Playwriting from Miami University, and studied film directing at the Academy of Drama & Film in Budapest, Hungary. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his husband and two dogs, Pearl and Barb from Accounting. 

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